Tuesday, December 20, 2011


For one of 2011's most unique sounds, Jhameel also makes out to be one of the most talented. Growing up around instruments, he now plays every note of every song, capable of playing guitar, bass, cello, violin, piano, synth, trumpet and drums. Having already released two full length albums and an EP, you can also find him hanging out on Youtube, frequently covering songs by artists like T-Pain, The Broken Social Scene, and more. More on his talent, he currently speaks Korean, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic, which is where his stage name - meaning Beautiful - comes from.

If you're into just the beats, then there is no way you can't fall in love with this guy's music. His serene, but dynamic voice, and excellent use of all his instruments really brings out a side of music you dont normally see. It's also near impossible to tell that all the instruments are played by himself. If you want to get into his brilliant lyrics, Jhameel manages to cover a menagerie of world issues, giving a voice to communities that are commonly discriminated against.

A great sound can also come from a great heart. His most recent album 'The Human Condition' is currently available for free download HERE.

And of course a preview of his music:
 Jhameel - Bernal Heights

 Also releasing five songs for free in a series titled Waves, is his second track, White Lies
 Jhameel - White Lie

 You can find more of his music, most available for download through his website, http://www.jhameel.com/Site/Home.html


  1. This is freaking awsome i listen to it all the time!!! ^_^