Friday, November 18, 2011


Sail by Awolnation. Already a great song, but even better when it accompanies an amazing showcase video.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Purity Ring

Just a couple song I wanted to post up by New York based band, Purity Ring. Personally, the weirdest feeling is to hear and love a song that you just found, only to find out you've already possessed the song for several months. Mind numbing, as are these brilliant tracks.

Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Purity Ring - Belispeak

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hey Ocean - Big Blue Wave EP

By public interest, I've decided to post up songs from Hey Ocean's most recent EP, Big Blue Wave, released Nov 1st. With their newest song, Big Blue Wave, and 3 new recordings of previously released songs, Liar, Maps, and a cover of The Ronettes' Be My Baby. Whether or not you've heard of them already, I hope you take the time to listen to all the songs!

As a disclaimer, I do NOT own these songs and I am putting this up here for those who are interested in hearing them. I will not be putting up any download links, and I strongly encourage you to buy the songs here(Itunes link) if you like it.

Hey Ocean - Big Blue Wave

Hey Ocean - Liar

Hey Ocean - Be My Baby

Hey Ocean - Maps

Also hope this makes up for a lack of posting over the last couple weeks!

LIPS. Part 2

Founded in New Zealand, this LIPS features solo artist Stephanie Brown. With her soothing voice and beautiful vocals, she manages to capture all the nuances of life into song form. One of her more recent singles, Everything To Me, has just that. With amazing lyrics, while slipping in a bit of humour, I have started to find Stephanie to be one of my most favourite song-writers.

LIPS - Everything To Me

It would mean everything to me if we could take a holiday
Cos you and I bone tired every night isn't my idea of play
And even our smallest dream is getting lean, never sees the light of day
So it would mean everything to me

You can fight but you won't always win
Somehow life finds a way to beat you
But I'll come join you in the ring
Guess it shows just how much i need you

There are days I would pay anything just to leave it all behind
There are times I can't find any light to get me through the daily grind
I know you feel it too, seen just how long it takes you to unwind
So it would mean everything to me

And her newest single:
LIPS - Ghosts and Demons

LIPS. Part 1

To my great confusion, and after listening to music by apparently, two different bands with the same name. For part one, I introduce LIPS, and electro-pop band from Denmark. Sounding very closely the same with Elly Jackson, the lead of her English electro-pop band, La Roux, Loa has managed to keep me listening to her several times on repeat.

If you love listening to La Roux, you will LOVE this band.

LIPS - A Million Ways

LIPS - Everytime