Saturday, November 5, 2011

LIPS. Part 2

Founded in New Zealand, this LIPS features solo artist Stephanie Brown. With her soothing voice and beautiful vocals, she manages to capture all the nuances of life into song form. One of her more recent singles, Everything To Me, has just that. With amazing lyrics, while slipping in a bit of humour, I have started to find Stephanie to be one of my most favourite song-writers.

LIPS - Everything To Me

It would mean everything to me if we could take a holiday
Cos you and I bone tired every night isn't my idea of play
And even our smallest dream is getting lean, never sees the light of day
So it would mean everything to me

You can fight but you won't always win
Somehow life finds a way to beat you
But I'll come join you in the ring
Guess it shows just how much i need you

There are days I would pay anything just to leave it all behind
There are times I can't find any light to get me through the daily grind
I know you feel it too, seen just how long it takes you to unwind
So it would mean everything to me

And her newest single:
LIPS - Ghosts and Demons

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