Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guilty About Girls w/ Young Pacific and Sex With Strangers @ Venue

Featuring three different bands, all from Vancouver, The Peak produced a decent show at the Venue on Monday night. Opening the show, surprisingly on time, was Young Pacific. Despite the fact that they were opening for Guilty About Girls, this group of guys surprisingly had the best performance. Living up to their name, these guys undoubtedly are a group of young, but quite talented guys with plenty of energy. Showing up on stage looking quite excited, they quickly got the crowd started despite the venue being half empty at that point.

Young Pacific - Circles to Squares

Like their sound, their performance was quite fresh, without anything particularly special laid out, except for a couple times when the keyboardist, Djavin Bowen and the bassist, Mike Noble switched instruments with each other. Didn’t realize this would become a tag team match, but awesome otherwise.

What shocked me was Sex With Strangers. Coming out with a Jack Black-like performance, this group of people did nothing short of a surprising set-list which encompassed a multitude of different genres from metal to alternative rock. And did I also mention that the lead singer, Hatch Benedict looked like Jack Black as well? Couldn’t have been a coincidence. Despite the music which sounded much better recorded, Hatch singlehandedly managed to entertain like a madman, at one point bunny ear-ing his synthesizer. Spitting across the stage though, sick but impressing with the distance he managed to cover.

Headlining the show, Guilty About Girls finally came out, but with what seemed like a sub-par performance. Though the band only really consisted of two guys, Jordy Birch and Mark Henning, they showed up with a drummer and a female backup singer who really didn’t do that much but dance slightly awkwardly. With Birch on guitar and Henning on synth, a good question was whether or not either of them were drunk or high, making quite a few blunders and sounding out of tune. Despite all this, Birch and the others did have a great setlist, followed by an encore act of Henning attempting to teach the dance moves for their song, Candy Candy.

Also, just as something worth watching, heres the video for the song, Candy Candy:

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