Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ronson and Co.

So I'm pretty excited right now due to the fact that I'll be heading up to Squamish for the BC Day weekend to do some camping. Because of that, I'm keeping the stuff in this post pretty limited. Here's a video for you from one of my favourite artists. This is one of those songs that wont pick up on you the first time, but something about it is just so catchy.

Mark Ronson. Heard of him? If not, the name might sound familiar. Im sure everyone has heard of Samantha Ronson; this is her brother. Coming from a family of musicians, Ronson (both of them) specializes in remixing old tunes and giving them a jazzy touch. Definitely look this guy up. He's written two albums, and while the most recent one has more popular artists featured, his first album is unbelievable. Ill be posting up some of the song links once I'm back. Peace.

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